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sekiryu's Journal

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Hi. INSANE person on board, so pls be gentle, kay? I like a lot of things, but I also have many dislikes. I'm happy when I'm listening to music, reading, scoffing down chocolates and coffee and on the net. I'm cranky when I'm hungry and lacking sleep. Most of the time my mood is either happy,apathetic, or mildly annoyed. I have an obsession with vampires and witch lore. Music? I'd mostly listen to Green Day,MCR, Smashing Pumpkin, The Muse, Rancid, L'ArcEnCiel, Malice Mizer, DirEnGrey, Alice Nine., The Gazzette,KRA,One Buck Short, Popshuvit...too many to list down, but mostly punk rock and visual kei. I'd occasionally listen to a bit of pop when I'd feel like it (or when someone change the cd in my car).